About us

Any discussion on woman empowerment includes political and economic empowerment only. There is hardly any reference to the social empowerment of women. A respectable existence and growth of women as a group and as individuals calls for their social upliftment. The pertinent question, today, is that when shall this venerable and yet most vulnerable section of society get its voice? The answer to this question is simple to state but very difficult to execute. Education – a key to alleviate all social ills has also been used by the society against woman as means of deprivation. Education makes a society progressive and paves way for individuals to coexist with equality and freedom. Only an educated being can exercise their rights effectively to live with dignity. Historically, Women were held away from modern education with a malicious motive to keep them illiterate for entire life, so as to suppress their voices, expressions and demands for equality. Uneducated, they could never exercise their divine right to freedom as individuals and since long remained second class citizens. Even today the percentage of educated women in society is meager.

A large number of statistical data, both government and non-government, reflect the miniscule literacy rate among women and the adverse conditions for their education on primary level. Rural areas are worse than urban ones in this regard. There is a desperate need to make modern primary education available to girls in villages and small towns. This need an hour was acknowledged by Laado Society apropos. Laado endeavors to raise the literacy rate among girls to hundred per cent; to make them independent as individuals and at par with everyone in social order; to eradicate the society-driven ill-aimed campaigns against girls; and to give a determined and distinct voice to their existence.

Goals & Objectives of Laado

  • To make women self-reliant in absolute terms and impart to them a resolute voice
  • To eradicate social evils and mal practices targeted against woman
  • To work for environmental conservation and ecological balance
  • To work for rural upliftment and growth
  • To work towards educational reforms and improved teaching methods
  • To provide counsel and legal advice to women and spread awareness about woman-rights
  • To work for provision of affordable and appropriate medical and healthcare facilities to all segments of society

Registered with Government of Rajasthan on 17th April, 2013, Laado Society is a Jaipur based Non Government Organization dedicated to women and other vulnerable segments of society.

Accomplishments of Laado till date

  • A seminar on 5th June, 2013 on the occasion of World Environment Day in Bikaner.
  • A signature campaign on 31st August, 2013 at ICG Girls College, Jaipur against molestation of a female journalist in Mumbai.
  • A state level seminar on 29th September, 2013 at Jaipur on subject, “There won’t be any child widows, if there won’t be any child marriage”. The seminar had distinguished participants like State Commission for Women’s Chairperson Laad Kumari Jain; IAS Officer Aparna Sahai; Travel writer Dharmendra Kanwar; Ajay Chopra, Director, Crayons Advertising; Hemjit Maloo, Chairman, Veena Group; Mukesh Agrawal, Managing Director, Aayushraj Company; Rohit Parihar, Assistant Editor, India Today Group and other state level dignitaries.
  • A monthly financial assistance of Rs. 1000/- to a child widow, Suman Teli of Pander Village, Bhilwara district by Laado Society, with an objective that her education and commitment from her family towards her education continue relentlessly. This grant was approved in September, 2013 and shall remain in effect till she passes her senior secondary exams.