Rural Development: Laado Ideal Village Program

Laado is a non-government organization registered with Rajasthan Government, engaged in social work for all needy sectors. In its endeavor to bring about a positive change in rural areas, it was decided at Laado to develop a village in Bundi district in Rajasthan. The nature and scope of developmental tasks shall be determined after thorough discussions and consultations with inhabitants of that village and shall be taken up under the guidance of experts. The priority areas of action shall be raising the levels of education (information technology, industrial training and self employability, career guidance, etc), conservation of environment in rural areas, cleanliness & hygiene and promotion of village tourism.

Part A

  1. Meetings with Sarpanch, Principal of government school, High government official of Gram Panchayat, Tehsildar and District Collector
  2. Meeting with area’s Member of Legislative Assembly and seek financial assistance for developmental project
  3. Seek assistance from District Collector
  4. Seek assistance from local people
  5. Form a committee to carry out developmental tasks in consultation with regional people, government officers and workers

Part B

  1. To initiate a project for establishment of an IT Centre in the village and stipulate a time frame for its establishment (maximum 3 months)
  2. To initiate a project, in due consultation with farmers and economically stronger residents, to bring about the Green Revolution in the village and assign a time limit for this task
  3. Seeking assistance from regional people and Panchayat Samiti to carry out a cleanliness drive on priority basis
  4. To initiate an awareness drive regarding industrial training, employment and self employment schemes

Laado is committed to accomplish the above mentioned tasks seeking help and assistance from all sectors including regional people and development experts. To ensure success in this endeavor, cooperation from all concerned and stakeholders is a prerequisite. Accomplishment of this project shall not only bring about development of a village, it will also be a step closer to Prime Minister, Narendra Modi’s dream of a wide spread rural development across the nation. Laado is resolute to present a transparent report on all these tasks before the Prime Minister’s Office.